International Association of Literary Semantics

Literary Semantics, by Trevor Eaton

Posted in Uncategorized by artsatbirmingham on May 13, 2010

IALS are pleased to announce that Trevor Eaton, founder and long-time editor of the Journal of Literary Semantics and founder also of IALS itself, has recently published his summative monograph, Literary Semantics, with Melrose Books.  Copies can be purchased from and from all reputable bookshops, actual or online.  Copies will also be on sale at the Genoa IALS conference.

From the Product description:

Literary Semantics develops an original, simple but philosophically potent idea into a theory for the human sciences covering philosophy, logic, epistemology, ethics, aesthetics, ontology, morality, religion, neurology, linguistics, psychology, anthropology, sociology, history and education. A structured Glossary provides a roadmap to navigate these complexities. This revolutionary idea the trichotomy of knowledge, a threefold division comprising everything that could ever be considered knowledge seamlessly integrates aesthetics and ethics within an all-embracing epistemology, thus placing the arts on an equal footing with science. From the trichotomy are derived theories of truth, affidence, science, value, semics, semantics of literature, modality, style and fictionality. This heretical and starkly provocative book ventures far beyond literature in exploring the cognitive problems which have beset literary studies since Aristotle. The author believes that many English departments, in terms of academic progress, are simply wasting their time.


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