International Association of Literary Semantics

Brief News from the 6th Conference of IALS, held at the University of Kent, Canterbury UK, Thursday 3rd to Saturday 5th July 2014.

Posted in Uncategorized by toolanm on July 5, 2014

A very enjoyable gathering of some 6o participants came to the lovely campus of the University of Kent, and heard a rich variety of presentations of exciting new work on a range of topics bearing on literary semantics.  ‘Keywords’ included: multimodality, digital media, interactivity, interdisciplinarity, ludostylistics, psychonarratology, pragmatic stylistics, and discursive placemaking.  Stimulating plenary talks were given by Dan McIntyre (Unrealistic Dialogue), Beatrix Busse (Social registers and urban identities), Astrid Ensslin (Studying the meanings of digital fiction), and Billy Clark (Pragmatic stylistics, pragmatics and stylistics).  Conferees also  found time to partake of a winetasting, visits to the lovely city of Canterbury, a sumptuous conference dinner in the Cathedral lodge, and developments at the World Cup, while getting to know each other better.   The entire conference was ably hosted by Dr Jeremy Scott, with superb support from colleagues and doctoral students.  Our sister organisation, PALA (Poetics and Linguistics Association) are likely to have a wonderful time when they come to Canterbury next summer (2015).

Michael Toolan


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